MPRRC Race: Catch Me If You Can 10K – POSTPONED

About the Race


Join us for a 10K race at Triangle Park (Operation Red Wings) for this competitive in-person event. Participation is limited to 200 total. Runners and walkers will be assigned a special corral (wave) and should report to their corral no more than 15 minutes prior to their assigned start time. Unlike a race during normal times, crowding and gathering in groups is not allowed, there will be no police or road closures so participants must obey traffic rules, chip time will determine overall and age group winners, and participants must depart from the finish area after crossing the finish line. If you are not willing to abide by the rules and procedures put in place for your safety and for compliance with local ordinances, please do not register for the event.

See the special instructions section for more details
Special Instructions
Road racing during a pandemic is challenging – please read these special instructions carefully!
Race Overview
· All runners will run the same course on the same day with staggered start times.
· Small groups of 5 runners spaced six feet apart will be allowed to start every 3 minutes.
· Runners will be assigned a start time based on a runner-provided estimated finishing time.
· In general, faster runners will start first to avoid runners overtaking those in front of them.
· A timing mat will record each runner’s start and finishing times.
The Course
· The start and finish will be at “Triangle Park” at the top of Diamond Head Road (also known as Fort Ruger Park or Operation Red Wings Medal of Honor Park).
· There will be no aid stations on the course – please bring your own drink.
· There will be no police support to stop or direct traffic, lane coning, or street closures – please obey all traffic signals and be mindful of bicycles, cars, and pedestrians. As in a training run, runners will not necessarily have the right of way. There are no crossings through traffic signals on the course but for your safety, stopping for traffic, as required, is mandatory. Consequently, your finish time could be affected – it is part of the challenge!
· MPRRC course marshals will direct runners but will not be directing traffic. There will also be orange cones with directional arrows along the way to keep you on the course.

Pre-race Staging
· Registered runners will be assigned a start time, a corral number, and a bib number (with timing chip) before race day.
· Corrals will be spaced 6 feet apart and labeled, e.g., Corral 1, Corral 2, etc.
· Runners should report to their assigned corral no sooner than 15 minutes before their start time.
· Late registrants or late arrivals may be assigned to a later/slower corral.
· Masks must be worn at all times except during the actual race. Masks should be worn in the corrals and immediately after the race.
· There will be no award ceremony or post-race refreshments. Awards for the top 3 male and female finishers and age group awards (in 5-year increments) will be mailed.
Packet Pick-up
· There will be a packet pick-up prior to the race. Race participants will be provided the specific time and location (along with pre-race instructions) one week prior to race day.
· There is limited street parking in the surrounding neighborhood and at Kapiolani Community College.
COVID-19 Directives
· To the extent possible, runners should attempt to distance themselves from others during the race.
· Runners who develop a fever, cough, or other symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection, prior to, en-route to, or at the race, should refrain from participating in the race and seek medical attention.
· Masks must be worn at all times except during the actual race. Masks should be worn in the corrals and immediately after the race.
· Please maintain social distance at all times. There is a tendency for runners to be less mindful of good safety practices after a run and for running friends to congregate at less than social distance and/or without fully covering mouth and nose. Wearing a face covering is not primarily for your protection – it helps protect everyone else in the event you are infected but have no symptoms. The mask reduces the broadcast of the water droplets that carry the virus. So make sure you are protecting your friends – wear the face cover.
· The COVID-19 virus is serious business. Anyone who refuses to abide by the safety rules will be disqualified from the race and banned from future events.
· No race results will be posted at the finish area. The results will be online at