A note on the Lanikai 8k in memory of Daniel Levey

May 19, 2016

Lanikai 8k in memory of Daniel Levey

Daniel was an avid runner, hiker, you name it activity.

He finished his sophomore year at University of Oregon, and we, as a family, ran in the Lanikai Bikepath 8k that summer of 2003. In fact, he had a much better time than I did.

That was July 20. The next day, July 21, 2003, he went for a long hike, starting at Maunalani Heights (Lanipo trail) and over to the Pali, Konohuanui. It was on his trying to come down, he must have strayed off the path, and fell. That was a Monday night. We searched for him Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights that week. Thursday there was a tremendous rain storm, and I believe that the rain washed him down so he was found on a ledge (his body) by the Lulumahu Falls.

The rescue helicopter circled one last time by the Pali Reservoir #4, and saw a figure floating in a pool on the ledge. They lowered the basket down to retrieve him.

Because the Lanikai Bikepath 8K was our last run, the day before he fell, I have kind of adopted it and it is a labor of love for us (his parents, Dr. Joyce Cassen and Norman Levey). Thanks for allowing Norm and me to sponsor this event, as Daniel really loved fitness!

– Written by his mother, Dr. Cassen